All of us are missing

She’s gone, oh she’s gone, I’m a fool to think she’d wait this long, wait for me to find my way   
She’s strong far to strong, she won’t need me when she’s moving on
Never thought I’d be the one to get in the way

I’ve lost my vision of tomorrow and I can’t stop thinking of yesterday

Cause even when the crowd is near, even when I hear them cheer
Still there’s something missing, cause she’s gone away
We never will be, satisfied, the price we pay living in the life
All of us are missing, something from yesterday

Be strong, oh be strong, I tell myself again it will soon be gone, hope one day I’ll forget the pain,
We know oh we know love will hurt anyway it goes, hard to understand this test of faith

I’ve lost my vision of tomorrow, and I can’t stop thinking of yesterday


And I’ve seen you, in my dreams,
I love when you, when you smile and wipe my tears away


Well be strong, oh be strong, there's too much love that's going on
Don't want to miss what’s here today