Backpacks with that Armor
by Adam Gilbert

All My life, I’ve been told that I can make it, something more
Day and night, I’ve given everything to chase it, and given more

They told me this is the land of dreams and opportunity. You see I don’t let fear dictate my state of mine, if I’m going to achieve a dream I gonna chase that dream with everything I have. But how can I achieve that dream if its ended with a

shot shot bang, but more like a spray. 100 clips just emptied away
I think we’re tired of hearing it all over again, another headline of names bringing in the weekend

How about if that was, one of your kids Wayne?
How would you feel, a little anger, a little pain?
And what would you do?

Still gonna protect the killers right to carry an assault rifle over you?
100 clips, just gone in a flash, politician, pockets of cash, nothing is past, its a blood bath, Well welcome to the new age of American Rampage brought to you by the NRA.

Where they care for the killer, making sure their equipped, how do I know?
Cause I know that they don’t do sh**.
What if you kid is bleeding out, crying for help, too graphic for you now?
I’d actually say not graphic enough, you know on capitol hill, their just growing numb, cause they don’t visit the scene, they are not throwing up.
Is this the country I was born to love, make a america great, well how about safe, do nothing and wait…

Here we go, another shooter again, and not a terrorist but an American man, who’s pissed at the world, wants to destroy what you love, so he goes to the store buys all of it up, without a background check, or a bump stock ban, and all the ammo he can, stuff it in his bag cause it’s world war 3 in the suburbs now, And no red flags have been given out they got us living in fear and were passing it down, a tradition we found.

Crying and scared, under their desk, doing shooter drill as they protest this weapon of war, but they sell those backpacks with that armor!


No no no no, not finished yet, making sure that you never forget.
There’s blood on your hands cause nothings been done, and fear is high since schools begun.

Tell me, how do you sleep at night? Do you wake in a sweat at night? You think you’re running round for your life with no help in site too scared to fight?
I might say that how a survivor dreams.
The feeling you get when your too scared to scream.
Nothing comes out but you want to be heard but their pleading out for the tables to turn.

You put yourself in their shoes, you understand they have nothing to lose cause their friends are dead and anxiety's high, you know they’re all just fighting for their right to life.

Too much to ask to take a test, too much to ask for a background check, too much to ask to make our country safe, for your children’s sake, what will it take?
10 more kids? 100 more kids? 1,000 kids? 10,000 kids? What happed to the place I used to live?

Amendment means you can amend a right, which our founding fathers had the foresight to use that word if we needed change. I’d say we need a change, cause it’s all arranged around money fear, money power, money fear, keep the cash flowing, money fear, money power, money fear, hey Teddy!!

That money will only take you so far cause the NRA has been filling their cart with luxury travel, quarter million in clothes they’ve been burning through cash, when all of it flows in from those membership fees.
But the people they are starting to see, your really not here to protect their right, they want sucker to take the bate and bite!

Down up, down up, chew it, digest, the American dream. Is this really, really the dream we all want to see?
So who’s ready to learn from the past, grab your books, pencils and go to class.
An education will get ahead, just pray a shooter doesn’t come instead.

Sorry the laws haven’t changed at all, just remember your drills run, hide or crawl.
It’s the American dream you just might achieve…cause they sell those backpacks with that Armor!

Crying and scared, under their desk, doing shooter drill as they protest this weapon of war, but they sell those backpacks with that armor!